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Blue Ridge Electric is providing the FlexPay billing option so you may structure your payment schedule to meet your budget needs, readily view your daily usage, and receive account status notifications. This option does not require a security deposit and is not subject to any delinquency fees or late payment charges.

How to Establish FlexPay Service:

When an existing active residential account is converted to FlexPay service, the existing deposit (if applicable) is applied to the FlexPay account balance.

It is recommended that any previously billed or unbilled amounts owed to the cooperative be paid before an account is converted from conventional to FlexPay. As an alternative, and at the discretion of the Cooperative, when the FlexPay account is established, members may apply 30 percent of all future FlexPay account payments to any previous balance.

FlexPay Service Program Overview:

(The following is an overview of the FlexPay billing options. For specific information concerning FlexPay billing, please refer to the Cooperative's Service Rules and Regulations and rate schedules.)
  • Electric service for FlexPay accounts will be charged in accordance with the Cooperative’s applicable Residential (R), Residential Conservation (RC), Residential All-Electric (RE), General Service (GS) Rate Schedule and FlexPay Metering Rate Rider. All charges for kilowatt-hour (energy) usage will be applied on a daily basis. Flat monthly Basic Facilities Charges, and any other applicable charges such as Security Lights and Operation Round Up® will be prorated and applied on a daily basis.
  • To initially activate a FlexPay account, a minimum positive balance of $25 is required.
  • Members who receive FlexPay electric service are solely responsible for managing their account, maintaining a positive balance, and ensuring the notification settings are accurate. If your contact information is not correct, important account status notifications may not be received. To help ensure notifications can always be delivered, members should maintain more than one means of notification. Options include email, text or telephone.
  • If you designate a primary telephone number for notifications on your FlexPay account, you are hereby expressly agreeing that the Cooperative may deliver pre-recorded, artificial voice, and/or autodialed messages to this primary telephone number, whether the telephone number is for a landline, wireless or cellular telephone or texts.
  • It is the member’s responsibility and choice to communicate FlexPay program details to other adults at the residence and to notify the Cooperative in the event you desire to terminate service.
  • Payments can be made in any amount provided a positive balance is maintained on the account. Payments can be made:
    • 24 hours a day by telephone at 1-800-451-5474
    • by logging on to blueridgeemc.com/myaccount (online payments can be made by e-check, debit or credit card)
    • at any Cooperative office during normal working hours (M-F 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.)
    • 24/7 at the payment kiosk located at each district office
    • 24/7 at U.S. Payments kiosks located at Harris Teeter (Shadowline Drive in Boone)and at the Scotchman Convenience Store (near CCC&TI in Hudson).
    • at any Walmart customer service desk or CheckFree location. (Member must provide Blue Ridge Electric account number. Please note: a processing fee and longer posting time will apply.)
  • If your account has two or more returned checks in a 12-month period, payments will be required in certified funds (cash, money order, certified check or credit card). A returned check fee will be added to the account.
  • FlexPay accounts may have a switch installed at the meter that enables automated remote disconnection/reconnection of service.
  • A FlexPay account will be subject to disconnection any time the account does not have a positive balance.
  • In the event of disconnection, and subsequent to reconnection, payment must be made for any unpaid daily charges that may have accrued prior to disconnection as well as payment to establish a minimum positive balance of $15 on the account.
    (Note: For accounts with debt recovery in effect, unless specified otherwise, 30 percent of all payments apply to debt recovery/70 percent towards future power usage).
  • If an account is disconnected and does not reactivate within five (5) days, the account will be considered inactive and the Cooperative will mail a final bill to the last known address on file.
  • FlexPay accounts are not eligible for payment arrangements, budget billing or bank draft. Energy assistance pledges and/or payments are applied to your account when commitment is received.
  • FlexPay accounts do not receive a monthly billing statement or e-bill notification. With FlexPay billing, electric usage, charges and credits are posted to the account daily. Daily postings are reconciled to the account each month and any difference is credited or debited to the account.
  • FlexPay account transaction details (account balance, kilowatt-hour usage, charges, and payments) are available with Usage Tracker on blueridgeemc.com/myaccount. Account balance is available 24/7 by calling 1-800-451-5474.
  • You may elect to convert your FlexPay account back to conventional billing at any time by notifying the Cooperative (limited to once per 12-month period). In that event, the Cooperative will require payment of a deposit or other account security, plus any past due amounts and associated fees in order to activate conventional service.
  • Blue Ridge Electric reserves the right to modify the Service Rules and Regulations at any time without prior notification. Current Service Rules and Regulations governing FlexPay billing may be found on the Cooperative’s website at blueridgeemc.com/my account under the” Cooperative” tab and “Corporate Documents” link.

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